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Dunnage Products

Typically timber dunnage is used to secure and protect cargo from moisture, contamination and mechanical damage during transportation. Dunnage is an integral part of our business as it consumes a part of the tree that otherwise would have been sent to the pulp market.

Dunnage has many uses, but is mainly used in ships, trucking, containers and in the steel industry. Dunnage used in ships is mainly utilised as hull protection to lift the cargo off the floor to prevent water from coming into contact with the cargo. Dunnage used in the steel and trucking industries are used as a “spacer” to separate layers of steel and or products for ease of storing, loading, un-loading and transportation purposes.

Cargo ready for transport
Dunnage ‘spacer’ securing cargo

Dunnage products can be manufactured to meet specific requirements, but are mainly manufactured in lengths between 1.0 - 2.4 m with a thickness varying between 50 - 80mm.

Preparing dunnage stacks
Dunnage stacks ready for transport

Timber dunnage supplied to the shipping industry is fumigated according to international standards to avoid foreign insect pests from moving offshore and or entering foreign countries.