Page 7 - Newsletter 2019
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               The Chief Executive of BedRock, Derick Kruger, is retiring at the end of
               August 2020, after more than two decades at the helm of South Africa‘s
               biggest and most successful timber-based mine support company.

               Wessel van Zyl has been appointed as the new incoming Chief Executive,
               where he will join the company in January 2020. Wessel is currently the
               executive manager of corporate services in the TWK Group and brings
               experience as an attorney, and managerial experience obtained through
               various managerial roles throughout his career.

               BedRock embraces the future and will ensure that BedRock’s
               entrepreneurial roots, as well as great relationships with all stakeholders,
               continue through the following stated values:

               • Respect that is unreserved;

               • Service that is on-time-every-time reliable;

               • Honesty that is “see through” – in intent as well as action;

               • Self-belief that is tenacious – yet tempered by humility;

               • Discipline which makes us accountable to the highest bar – our own

               • Work that we are proud of!

               BedRock welcomes your family to the BedRock family!
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