Page 3 - Newsletter 2019
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               BedRock would like to congratulate Rutland mill for an outstanding
               performance during 2019. Rutland started with small goals, where their
               initial focus was on strategy. This was followed by planning and
               implementing strategies for task enrichment, and the tracking of overall
               progress. Rutland worked hard through all the challenges they have
               faced, where they managed to succeed every time. BedRock’s
               management couldn’t be prouder to award the mill trophy for 2019 to
               Rutland. Congratulations Gerhard.

               LONG SERVICE AWARDS

               BedRock’s growth and success depends on having a devoted and capable
               team. BedRock’s management would like to thank all the qualifying
               employees, who received this reward, for their hard work and dedication.
               Employee loyalty, abilities and contributions are key to the overall success
               of BedRock as a company.

               As this in individual milestones are reached, take a moment to reflect
               upon past accomplishments and take pride in knowing that everyone is a
               key member of the team.

               Thank you for all that have been done for BedRock during the years of
               service and for the ongoing commitment to the wellbeing of BedRock.
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