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               Sibanye service centre was approached by a local college in March 2016.
               They run a program where a student spends two weeks at a company to
               get some form of job experience and for a bit of first hand exposure of
               putting what they have been taught into practice.

               BedRock was sent a youngster by the name of Katlego Maloisane who was
               very eager and interested in how things worked.

               The two weeks “job experience” ended and BedRock missed was at a loss
               without his energy and love for the business.

               Katlego then returned and asked to work at the service centre for the
               college holidays.

               For all this time spent at the service centre, he refused any form of
               remuneration. All he wanted was exposure and job experience, and more
               importantly, he wanted to understand the business as it would help him in
               finding a job. This showed passion, drive and an unbelievable dedication.

               He finished his studies in November 2016.

               He is now very much part of the Bedrock family and is a valuable member
               of the Sibanye team.

               2 years down the line and Katlego’s enthusiasm and the love for the
               business has grown. BedRock expect great things from Katlego and are
               proud to call him a BedRocker.


               During 2018, management took the decision to treat the logistical
               operations of West Wits as ‘in house’ function.

               25 new employees were welcomed to the BedRock family and have been
               permanently employed since, adding to the sense of pride that this
               service centre has.

               The company then offered these employees training in forklift operations,
               first aid & business ethics.
               Knowledge and skills are paramount and BedRock will continue with
               upliftment programs to add value to our employees with the aim of
               growing the team’s knowledge so that they can eventually move into
               more senior positions within the BedRock family.

               The changeover has proven to be very positive and there is now a sense
               of ownership amongst everyone at the Sibanye service centre.
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