Page 2 - Newsletter 2018
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A warm welcome to the 2018 BedRock newsletter. It is filled with events,
               news and accomplishments that has happened in and around BedRock for
               the last 12 months.

               BEST ACHIEVING MILL

               BedRock would like to congratulate our Glenthorpe mill with their fantastic
               performance during 2018. This mill was faced with many challenges in the
               past year, but they have managed to overcome each and every one with
               a BedRock heart and mindset.

               BedRock Management is very proud to award the mill trophy for 2018 to
               Glenthorpe. Congratulations Selby and Angie!

               LONG SERVICE AWARDS

               BedRock recognises that people are the greatest asset and are needed for
               the overall success of this business. Therefor the effort, dedication,
               insights, and opinions did not go unseen. BedRock appreciates the
               continued dedicated efforts.
               BedRock would like to show appreciation for the hard work and
               commitment through the long-service awards. BedRock trusts that all
               shall be proud of this award and that it will remind all of the company’s
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