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We welcome you to our first newsletter for 2016. You will find that it is
filled with all the events, news and accomplishments in and around

New Arrivals
It's a bond like no other - the unconditional love grandparents have for
their grandchildren. Rob Muntz will surely be able to explain that type of
love a little bit better. Rob’s daughter Leigh, gave birth to Nathan Wilfred
Hall on the 5th of April 2016. This relationship that skips a generation is
so very special. But just as the old adage goes, a grandparent gets all the
fun but the moment the child gets cranky you can hand him back.
Congratulations Rob & Jean! BedRock wishes that Nathan brings you and
Jean nothing but happiness, and a lifetime of proud moments.

BedRock would also like to congratulate Rene and Jacobus on the birth of
their baby boy Jacobus Reinhardt Van Wyk. May you find parenthood a
breeze and be able to look back with warm-hearted memories. Our wish
is that he will fill your lives with unending love and joy!
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