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Upon being injured in a motor vehicle accident involving public transport
during 2015, Phyllis, in the Johannesburg office, decided to embark on a
journey to partake in driving lessons. She successfully passed her
learner’s license, and during June 2016 she obtained her driver’s license.
The car was purchased, as public transport is becoming unsafe, unreliable
and time consuming. Phyllis now feels comfortable commuting on her own
these days.
This has been a remarkable achievement considering it’s been less than a
year since circumstances forced Phyllis into this situation.

We believe that the physical environment can make or break the morale
of a workforce.
The office that one works in plays a big role in shaping its culture.
Equipment and décor can influence productivity and mood, and the floor
plan can facilitate the flow of energy and ideas.
Rustenburg used their own initiative to improve their Customer Service
Centre. They used the most cost effective material to transform their
working environment. A very well done to Andrew, Giepie and the rest of
the team.
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