Vehicle Branding

On the 8th of April 2013 three Kia 1.3 ton workhorses and two Toyota Hiluxes purchased by BedRock were branded. The Kia workhorses were acquired to increase productivity on the BedRock service centres located at Union, Lonmin and Sibanye Gold. The branded vehicles would also help to improve BedRock’s brand presence on mine shafts as these vehicles will be seen by our customers on a daily basis.

BedRock branded truck
BedRock branded bakkie

BedRock trusts that the Kia workhorses will stay true to their nature and become a versatile asset in the service centres. These vehicles will be a cost effective approach to increase productivity versus alternative vehicles due to their ability to load and transport products around the service centres and to and from mine shafts.

The Kia’s were branded in a full vinyl body wrap and in the BedRock colours. The branding was motivated around creating brand presence in the market so that customers would easily identify our vehicles in operation.

The two Toyota Hilux workhorses were branded according to BedRock’s branding guidelines. These vehicles did not get the full vinyl body wrap however were branded specifically with the BedRock logo and with the website address for identification on the shafts and in the service centres.

BedRock is very proud to have these vehicles branded in the company’s colours. These have set the standard going forward and will be the bench mark for future branded vehicles.