Carbon Footprint Study

Promethium Carbon was commissioned by BedRock to conduct a research study to determine the carbon footprint of the company. A proposal was submitted to perform a study on all the products currently present in BedRocks product portfolio. The study would calculate the carbon footprint in cubic metres of products provided.

The objective of the study is to formulate a Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) which would disclose the carbon footprint of BedRock. For the determination of the company carbon footprint, the guidelines of ISO-14064-1 (specification with guidance at the organization level for quantification and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions and removals) would be applied. The approach to the calculation of the product carbon footprints would be based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Product Life Cycle Accounting and Reporting Standard. BedRock appointed Promethium Carbon- external link as they are currently the leaders in South Africa in advising as well as establishing carbon footprints and climate change.

Mining companies such as Gold Fields and Anglo Platinum lead the race worldwide in terms of disclosure of their carbon footprints. BedRock represents a huge percentage of supplied products to these mining houses and as a result has decided to take a proactive approach to undertake a similar exercise in determining their carbon footprint. BedRock saw the opportunity for the research study to go forward as government will be introducing Carbon Tax on companies as of 2015.

It remains essential that BedRock understand their carbon footprint and how the environment is affected by carbon emissions. It will also guide future carbon reduction projects, such as the solar power and other renewable energy sources.