Mavava Solar Geyser Project

BedRock and Mavava Solar have joined forces to look at alternative energy sources and sustainable resources in a solar powered geyser project. BedRock currently has local communities that reside within the White River and Hazyview plantations, which make use of standard electrical geysers.

BedRock looked at a sustainable way to decrease the consumption of electricity in these communities and decided to review the current geysers utilised by these communities. Mavava Solar- external link was consulted about the project to convert these standard high pressure geysers into sustainable low energy solar powered ones. The solar powered geysers that the community will be converted to in the project work on a low pressure system which are gravity fed and have no electrical connections. The specific geysers which will replace the standard electrical ones in the project will be the Low Pressure System geyser.

The solar powered geyser project has two specific aims. The first is to provide the White River and Hazyview community with hot water and the second aim is to reduce the consumption of electricity. Moving forward alternative energy and sustainable resources are becoming more essential in combating climate change and looking after the environment. BedRock has therefore recognized the opportunity to become more sustainable as a company and have supported the idea of researching alternative energy sources. Solar powered geysers being one area BedRock identified to become a more environmentally friendly company.

BedRock is proud to be associated with a company like Mavava Solar and is excited to see the project in full swing.