BedRock 2012 Guide Dogs Sponsorship

On the 14th of September 2012 BedRock held our annual golf day. Customers and stakeholders were invited to play in our American Scramble format golf day at the Centurion Golf Club.

The objectives of the golf day were to interact with customers and thank them for their support towards the company. However, this was not the only initiative. One other initiative involved our relationship with the South African Guide Dogs Association - external link. We set out at last year’s golf day to raise awareness as well as sponsorship money for the Guide Dogs Association and due to the success of last year’s funds raised the decision was taken to continue the event this year.

BedRock is a timber-based support company and is directly involved in the safety business with respect to underground gold and platinum mines. Being a safety focused and oriented company and seeing the similarities between the services provided by the Guide Dogs Association for the blind, the initiative was taken to raise funds for the Association.

CEO Derick Kruger signing cheque
Marketing and Sales Director Rob Muntz handing over cheque

Golfers and other stakeholders were invited to pledge a sum of money towards the Association. BedRock undertook to double the amount pledged. We were very proud to have raised more than double the amount from the previous year. Derick Kruger, CEO, signed the final cheque and an amount of R10,200.00 was handed over to the Association.

BedRock is proud to be associated with the Guide Dogs Association and value the contribution they have provided to the blind community over the years. Going forward we see the funds sponsorship as an annual event on our golf day.